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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Burj Dubai , Burj Khalifa – The Record Breaking Tallest Building of the World

Burj Dubai aka Burj Khalifa – The Record Breaking Tallest Building of the World Burj Dubai, now known as Burj Khalifa is expected to be transformed into a pulsating community for thousands of residents, employees and tourists in the coming days. With the vision to accommodate 12,000 people in its heart, the tallest building of the world is the developer’s glory to crow upon in every sense. The tower has surpassed every possible thought in its engineering and design. It is the shining icon of global alliance developed by Emaar Properties at Downtown Burj Dubai, the most prestigious square kilometer on the globe.


The foundation of Burj Khalifa is as captivating as is the tower itself at the height of 828 meters. The fact of construction under the earth is equally stunning as it depicts that 192 piles are included in the steel reinforced foundations of the tower to a depth of more than 50 meters.

Wind Speaks

In order to make an ideal design of the tower, widespread seismic and wind tunnel testing was accomplished. The distinctive triple-buttressed shape of the building helps it not only managing the effect of the whirlpools of the winds around the tower but also the ebb and flow in atmospheric pressure between the base and the spire.

Concrete Structure

The main construction material used in Burj Khalifa has broken the existing records. As much as never before, 330000 cubic meters of concrete 39000 metric tones of steel, 103000 square meter of double glazed glass and 15500 square meter of embossed stainless steel has been used for the success of the icon.

Luxury Knocks

The people who are living, working or enjoying are served by the facility of 57 elevators, 4 swimming pools, residents’ lounge, cigar lounge, Atmosphere- a luxury dining restaurant and a variety of recreational facilities.

The observation deck at the 124th floor of the tower offers panoramic views of the emirate and is open for the visitors.

Traces of the Islamic architectural can be observed in the designing of Burj Khalifa, the only tower on earth experiencing climatic variations. The temperature of the top and the bottom of the tower varies by 10°C.

Dubai Electronics – Another Addition to Your Cart while Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Electronics – Another Addition to Your Cart while Shopping in Dubai

Dubai has already gained great recognition as a sensation among the shopping freaks. Being a tax-free hub to shop, Dubai electronics have also made their way towards the cheapest ones in the entire globe. Since the government is offering quite a lot of facilities to the manufacturing industry, Dubai possesses manufacturing plants of a number of top brands.

Electronics in Dubai are not only durable but reliable too. You can also get an immediate replacement if any defect is found in any of your purchase.


The one stop destination to buy electronic items in Dubai is the Al Fahidi Street. Being an ideal abode of Dubai electronics, the place gives you awesome details of any of the electronic products in Dubai you are looking for. As you walk along this street you will be able to fill up your cart with the requirements which were not in your mind when you entered but were really your need. In brief, the place gives you pleasure of scrolling, if not buying, the latest electronic products and technologies of the globe.

Stores in Dubai

Jumbo Electronics

One of the leading names in the market of electronic products, telecommunications, office automation, home appliances and entertainment, Jumbo Electronics in Dubai is spread largely through the network of its 31 retail stores and 9 service centers in Dubai.

Al-Futtaim Electronics

Al-Futtaim Electronics is the distinctive distributer with over twenty years of experienced mastery in the industry. It distributes Sanyo video and audio products, air-conditioners and home appliances from Japan, Lombard Freezers and cooking ranges from Italy and the BPL products from India.

Eros Group

Eros Group is the Electronics and Appliances Business Group which markets products chiefly of its principals known as Hitachi, BenQ, Taurus, Stardust and Aiphone. The products are either distributed through the retailers in the country or through Retail Channel and Corporate Sales Channel of Eros.

Remember while Shopping in Dubai for Electronics

· Don’t forget to ask for international warranty

· Don’t forget to check whether the voltage is matching the standards of your country or not.

· Don’t forget to check the electronic plugs

· Don’t forget to check whether the repair centers of the brand are available in your country or not.


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Travel around Dubai as it Gets Cheaper

Travel around Dubai as it Gets Cheaper

Traveling around Dubai is no more a hassle as your holiday in this perfect destination can be conveniently planned now as travel to Dubai has become cheaper. Thanks to numerous travel agencies and portals which are offering competitive packages and travel deals. People those who are interested in a fun filled shopping would definitely love to go to Dubai, however, the prices even to this holiday destination were soaring high, but in recent times, traveling to this ultimate destination has become quiet easy.

Moreover, travel agencies have lowered the rates and they are happy as they all have got a positive response. Various hotels and airline agencies have managed to give discounts and thus, these are being passed onto the customers, thus making them happy and satisfied. This has been possible as agencies are trying very hard to negotiate with airlines to reduce air fare, say sources. Most of the travel portals have managed to cut down around 10 to 15 percent on airfare and as far as hotel accommodation in luxury property in Dubai is concerned, there is around 30 to 35 percent cut down, thus making your complete travel package cheaper starting from airfares to accommodation.

Dubai is the second largest city in the UAE and in recent years it has gained a huge reputation among travelers. Various travel agencies including SOTC, Yatra, Cleartrip and MakeMy Trip are making this destination all the more popular by offering great travel packages thus, making your travel affordable and convenient.

Moreover, if we consider employment traffic to Dubai, according to the industry experts, around 70 percent of the airline travels come from the employment traffic and another 10 to 15 percent comes from business travelers. As the labor and business travel has been reduced, airlines are feeling that pressure. However, the focus is now shifting towards the leisure class.

Buying your Own Car in Dubai!

Buying your Own Car in Dubai!

Dubai lives for attention as the glitzy gleam and glam are great add ons to this ultimate emirate. The city is expanding in terns of business, infrastructure and tourism beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. It is quiet a big city with a population of around 470,688 people. Although there is a well developed and maintained transport system, but for those staying permanently in the city need to have their own vehicle. As a newly arrived expatriate living here, you must have realized the importance of your own car by now.

If we compare the car prices in the UAE with other countries, the cars are cheaper in the UAE and the fuel and maintenance costs also far more affordable. The first and the foremost thing which you must know before purchasing a car here is that you must have a residence visa for the country. The next thing comes is whether you want to purchase a new or a used car? There are plenty of car dealers in Dubai selling both used and new cars. Generally, all expats have their own cars as it saves you from any kind of hassles. Moreover, if you are interested in buying a used car then an excellent source of such cars is at the auction.

Buying a used car at the auction is your best purchase as all the cars have undergone all kinds of vehicle checks and tests. In addition financing of a car can also be conveniently done through all car dealers and it can be done from local banks as well. After you have purchased your car, getting it insured is quiet an essential thing to do in Dubai. Once you have purchased a car and insured it, last but not the least you have to register it. All cars in Dubai must be registered. Thus, the city gives car buyers the best facilities to start shopping for your own vehicle.

Top 5 Must Do’s in Dubai

Top 5 Must Do’s in Dubai 1 Dubai is one of the seven emirates forming the United Arab Emirates which has developed now into a top class tourist destination. Every year the emirate plays a host to thousands of visitors from around the globe. Today, it is completely blossomed as a hotspot tourist place creating attractions which people from all over the world come to wonder at and it has made the Dubai property sector highly reputable. Listed below are such five things which Dubai is quite well known for and will always be.

· Man – Made Islands:

This is one of the megaprojects within the city. The first ever man made island was Palm Jumeirah, second one is Jebel Ali, Deira islands and last but not the least it’s The World which is a bunch of islands forming a world map. There is no means by which you visit their by foot, however you need to hire a speed or a motor boat to get a close view of these islands.

· Burj Al Arab:

This seven star hotel in Dubai is one of the most flamboyant, luxurious and largest in the world which is designed to resemble a sail boat. The structure is 321 meter high serving the very best in the hospitality industry.

· Indoor Skiing:

It is a famous tourist attraction which you will not find in any other city especially the ones located in a desert like Dubai. Ski Dubai is a cool spot consisting of 5 runs with varying skill levels for snowboarders and skiers. They have rentals and equipments on hire as well.

· Traditional Dubai:

It is a prestigious traditional neighborhood which was known for its early village and fishing days in Dubai, traditionally known as Bastakia Quarter. You can get a lifetime experience by visiting a textile souk.

· Wild Wadi:

This waterpark has around 30 attractions and rides and is well themed around the tale of Juha. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is located right next to it. It boasts of a largest water slide and is a great fun place for a complete family.

Top Things to Do in Dubai

Top Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai is a well laid back tourist escape and a dynamic international business centre. This is a city where tradition and modernization walk hand in hand. It is one such emirate which presents itself as a tourist heaven with quiet a lot options from tourism point of view. The modernized Dubai is a happening place as thousands of tourists come here every year to explore the vivacious city of great architecture and fun.

Here are few top recommended things which you can do in Dubai:

Famous Gold Souq:

Dubai is called the city of gold and once you will visit the gold souq in Dubai, you will seriously believe it. Huge amount of gold is traded here every day and there are hundreds of shops selling gold jewlellery. Even if you don’t wish to buy, you can take a stroll inside the souq to get an awesome experience.

Desert Safari:

Dubai desert safari offers the most thrilling adventure and is loved especially by people those who are adventure freaks. You get to see the magnificent landscapes of the unique sands of Arabia and this tour takes you to the heart of the desert. You can dress yourself in the traditional Arabic dress and can enjoy delicious Arabic cuisines.

Splash Land and Wonderland:

This is a highly recommended place for kids to have fun. The fun water activities make the place all the more favorite. This fun park features variety of water rides, roller coasters and other rides too.


Golfing again gives an amazing experience and the lush green golf courses make this emirate as one of the world’s top golfing destination. This is a hot favorite spot for the best golfers across the world and is surely one of the best things to do in Dubai.

There are so many other options, however not all could be listed in this. Moreover, these are some of the most well known things which can be done if you are in Dubai or planning to visit the emirate.

Budget Travel Ideas to Dubai For a Down Economy

Budget Travel Ideas to Dubai For a Down Economy

With the economy going down over last few years, it has become a difficult task to take an affordable Dubai vacation. However, if you search it is possible to find several budget travel ideas to Dubai especially for a down economy. Luckily internet has made this searching quiet easy. You can compare hotels and airfare prices with others sites so that you can plan a perfect budget holiday.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates which make up the UAE. It plays a host as a great tourist destination and there are an increasing number of visitors every year. If you are planning to visit Dubai, here are few budget travel ideas for you which allow you to relish the flamboyant appeal of the city.

Economy Flights and Accommodation:

Internet is the best way to search and reserve cheap flights in advance. There are various sites offering you inexpensive competitive deals for the air fare to Dubai. Moreover, if you look at this glitzy city there are several cost-effective hotels and Dubai apartments which are ready to offer you a modified and a comfortable stay at discounted prices. The emirate offers budget accommodations located stones throw away from the international airport.

Budget Shopping and Sightseeing:

There are several beaches to hang out in Dubai for a relaxing holiday; however it will not cost you much. The Al Mamzar and The Jumeirah Beach are the most admired beach attractions in Dubai. Ski Dubai is another place where you can enjoy a reasonably priced evening. This place offers a lot for people of every age group. There is a 3D theater and a snow park play zone along with various restaurants. As far as budget shopping is concerned, you can head straight towards the souq area which is again a popular and a cheap location. Moreover, you can shop at the duty free shops in Dubai which will save you a lot of money. Dubai shopping festival you can fill in your shopping bags with some trendy and cheap stuff.

Thus, you can enjoy your budget travel by following these tips.

Gulfood Exhibition 2010 in Dubai – Make Your Business Bigger and Better

When: 21st to 24th February 2010

Where: Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center

Time: 21st to 24th Feb - 11 am to 7 pm

24th Feb - 11 am to 5 pm

If you are eager to see your business going bigger and better then make sure you are there at the 15th Gulfood. It is the largest food exhibition in the Middle East and one of the leading trade shows which cover food & drink, food service and hospitality. It had recorded a terrific increase of 16% in the number of visitors while maintaining the quality of buyers simultaneously.

The Gulfood is highlighted by the achievement as well as the substantial growth and has been considered as an important event which drives the food industry of the region. Adding to its awe, the show attracts the buyers from the field of food and hospitality found in every corner of the Middle East, North Africa and the Indian sub-continent.

This year the exhibition will be organized in four new halls, thousands of exhibits, the recent trends and innovations, world class speakers and hundreds of new product launches. The show will be able to help you look for an inspiration, new products to accelerate your sales, win new customers and also enhance efficiency as well margin in the profit.

Gulfood Conference

The mission of the Gulfood Global Trends Conference 2010 lies in helping you build a more profitable business. The visitors will get the chance to meet the experts and captains of food industry along with the analysts and futurists who are shaping the strategies for marketing leading to the next decade. You can choose the agenda as well as topic which best fits the issues in your business from the event which will go on for four days offering practical case study experience.

Gulfood Awards 2010

Gulfood and FoodBev Media have decided to announce Gulfood Awards in 2010 which will cover twenty one categories in order to celebrate as well as reward the brands and products wich are on the list of excellence.

5 Reasons to Shop in Dubai

5 Reasons to Shop in Dubai

Dubai is world famous as a great shopping destination and your trip to this great emirate just can’t be completed if you have done no shopping here. In order to fulfill this basic criterion of shopping we have a couple of reasons that why one should shop here?

· Dubai Shopping Festival

This event is quiet famous as it offers something more than just shopping. This is the time in Dubai when you will find crazy discounts, citywide sales, extravagant prizes followed by street fairs, kids entertainment and other cultural activities. Dubai shopping festival is the fun time especially for ladies as no one can just sit at their homes during this region’s longest and largest running entertainment and shopping extravaganza.

· Dubai Summer Surprises

It is a hot counterpart of Dubai shopping festival and it lasts for ten weeks during which you can witness special events going on in many of the shopping malls. Moreover, there are weekly changing themes for that matter focusing on both education and fun. Dubai summer surprises is more family oriented as it annually held from June end to the end of August. During this time also you will find sales all over the city.

· Dubai Souqs

Dubai boasts of an abundance of luxury shopping malls, however the traditional Dubai shopping can only be done from Dubai Souqs as these are actually what Dubai is historically famous for. These city souqs may not be that attractive, but here you will find the best of stuff. The Deira and Bur Dubai souqs are quiet popular.

· Dubai’s Shopping Hours

Shopping malls in Dubai are open from 10am to 10pm; however, on Friday few of them don’t open until 2 pm as it’s the Muslims day of worship. Stores especially in souqs close around noon because of the harsh climatic conditions. Night shopping in Dubai is most fun.

· Dubai’s Best Buys

Dubai’s best buys include textiles, gold, spices, perfumes and carpets etc.

Global Village to Usher With Festivities in 2010

Global Village to Usher With Festivities in 2010

The Global Village is one of the most popular open air entertainment and shopping venue in Dubai welcoming million of guests every year. From over the last 13 years, this venue is a shopping, eating and cultural extravaganza which runs throughout the winter season in Dubai. Each year people assemble here to taste delicious exotic foods, to buy international goods and to experience several different cultures. Global Village has made Dubai real estate proud by being country’s heritage now.

It is ideally located in Dubailand which can be easily accessed from every corner of the UAE through a well connected road network. It has prepared a host of festivities this season in 2010. At this amazing venue visitors can expect great entertainment shows featuring world class talent from across the globe. Other than this, the village also offers various high quality facilities and additional services including shuttle transport services, restaurants, parking area etc.

Shows & Events

If we talk about these the venue offer breathtaking performances and you can acknowledge world class cultural experiences which will just steal your heart away. There is long list of the spectacular shows to be performed such as:

· The Art of Fire

· Bounce

· Chinese Flying Poles

Various cultural stage performances make the entire event more fascinating revealing the traditions and style of different countries. It includes French Dance, Bulgarian Show, Sufi Kathak, African Group and a lot more.

The Global Village hosts special Pavillions where tradesmen and craftsmen of the world gather under one roof to showcase and sell their wares. These pavilions become an amazing shopping destination where you can buy international and traditional goods. Moreover, you can find all the exclusive stuff for which that particular country is well known for.

Fun Fair is the most attractive part of the entire global village especially for kids. The fun starts with various adventurous rides and a lot of exciting games catching the attention of the whole family.

Dubai Beaches a Popular Tourist Destination

Dubai Beaches a Popular Tourist Destination

Dubai is a perfect combination of sun, sand and water and this combination greatly contributes towards a great holiday break. Unlike other desert areas, this emirate has quiet a lot to give. The sandy beaches in Dubai are some of the most romantic holiday destinations and just like the deserts, these are also quiet attractive and filled with fun. As far as the beaches are concerned, the major stretch is along Jumeirah Road known as Jumeirah Beach comprising of luxury resorts and beautiful hotel properties making Dubai real estate proud.

White and soft sand on these beaches make the place all the more beautiful inviting flock of people especially during pleasant winter months. Dubai beaches are a place where majority of population you will see are Russians or Europeans.

Dubai Beach Attractions:

These beaches are not only fine romantic getaways, however during weekends you will find several other seashore attractions such as family picnics, water sports, barbeque etc. Such attractions make it a more sought after place. You will find most of the coastal areas well lined up with palm trees.

Moreover, surfing is one of the major tourist attractions on the beaches of Dubai. As far as beginners are concerned, the sea is perfect for them due to the small waves. Although these beaches are completely safe, however, precautions are still recommended.

Palm Beach in Dubai:

Dubai has a number of beautiful beaches and Palm Beach is one of them offering great recreational and entertainment facilities. These excellent sandy beaches are ideal for sun bathing and relaxing. Winters are pleasant in Dubai, so at that time, beaches are full of holidaymakers.

Jumeirah Beach:

It is one of the most popular beaches in Dubai. This long stretch is flanked by luxury hotels and resorts. This beach also has white sand mixed with the shallow warm turquoise waters.

Explore these beautiful beaches in Dubai and admire the beauty of the emirates.

Explore Great Shopping at Iranian Souq, Abu Dhabi

Explore the Fun at Iranian Souq, Abu Dhabi 2

Dubai is quiet popular for shopping and shopping festivals, however, Abu Dhabi is trying to catch up the emirate in terms of both shopping and real estate. If you are visiting Gulf countries from shopping point of view, then Abu Dhabi is just the right place for you especially shopping at the very famous Iranian Souq. The souq is closely located 0.1 kilometers away from the Port Road. It is a traditional shopper’s paradise. In Arabic a souq means market and you will find all kinds of contemporary and traditional stuff.

In order to get a wonderful shopping experience there are many such marketplaces in Abu Dhabi, however, the Iranian Souq is the best and the most popular shopping areas to go. While you are in the emirate, don’t miss out this exciting shopping area. In order to relish the old worthy charm this is the perfect place to visit. It is very popular among tourists coming to the emirate and it comprises of small stores housing a collection of handmade rugs, traditional items and traditionally designed jewelleries.

Shopping buffs would really like and authenticity of the market and it will become a must visit for those who love shopping. As you will stroll through this traditional market, you will find people testing their bargaining skills. The souq offers extensive collection of colored fabrics, traditional jewellery, oriental spices and a lot more. This marketplace combines traditions with contemporary world sophistication. Abu Dhabi’s precedent era is well reflected in this marketplace.

These traditional markets play an important role as you will get to buy all the traditional stuff reflecting the culture of that particular emirate. A visit to the Iranian market should prominently feature on every visitor’s agenda.

Shop in Your Home Currency in UAE

Dubai’s tourism is thriving to a higher level day by day and it has become a great tourist destination with more than 10 million visitors coming every year to this hotspot holiday destination. People travel to the emirate for world class recreational activities, styling and shopping of course. Now shopping in Dubai is all the more convenient as from the latest reports the tourists visiting the emirate can make the payments in their home currencies at the point of sale.

A top official of the service provider revealed this that according to the latest pay in Your Currency service introduced in the UAE. The Planet Payment and Network International which is the largest provider of payment solutions in the MENA region has made this announcement as they have entered into a deal in order to launch the service named ‘Pay in Your Currency’ in the UAE. This new service will be really beneficial for cardholders, merchants and other financial institutions and its preferential exchange rates will be an added advantage.

Planet Payment is a foremost multi-currency payment and data processor. Philip Beck, who is The Chairman and Chief Executive of Planet Payment said as UAE is a country which is on the path of progression, this latest addition of paying in your home currency will add value to a purchase. Network International caters to cardholders or those coming from outside of the UAE said that this service is being offered to every merchant as well.

The CEO of Network International, Ram Chari said that an health care provider, retailer, educational institute and retailer those who are already accepting cards as the mode of payment can apply for this service if interested. Moreover, it is believed that this service proves to be a powerful tool in increasing sales and customer satisfaction. The service is also useful for revenue growth by merchants. So, now you can shop in Dubai till you drop as currency does not matter any more.

Kuwait Water Towers An Amazing Landmark

Kuwait Water Towers – Amazing Structures - CS

Kuwait is a sovereign Arab emirate which is bordered by Saudi Arabia. It is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary system. In terms of land area, it is one of the smallest countries in the world and the Arabian Desert covers the most of it. One of the richest oil fields is found here in Kuwait. There are some major industries including desalination, shipping, construction, cement and other financial services. There are many things to talk about in this city; however, the beautiful Kuwait water towers are really amazing structures which they have made.

In the year 1976, the water storage and distribution system received an increment. 33 towers were built by the Ministry of Electricity and Water combining the storage competence of more than 100'000 cubic metres. These water towers in Kuwait were opened in 1979 and it has become one of the most impressive landmarks of the city. These water towers are located off the Arabian Gulf Road within the city. These towers were designed as a set comprising of three towers, out of which two towers are for water storage and one out of them is for lightning.

These high reinforced concrete structures are quiet amazingly designed and the foremost tower is 185 m high carrying two spheres. The capacity of 400 m3 capacity of water is stored in the lower larger sphere. Apart from this the tower features a restaurant, an indoor garden and a banquet hall. A scenic lookout platform is created in the upper smaller sphere along with a snuck-bar with movable floor. Another tower carries only one concrete sphere and is 145 meters high.

The third tower which is a lighthouse is 11.60 m high and this complete architectural set is illuminated with floodlights. Other important characteristics include:

· The finishing of the top of the conical shaped towers is done in the shape of a needle.

· Flaring materials have been used in construction of the structures which shines all day long.

· Concrete spheres are lined with plasticized aluminum plates.

Plan a 7 Day Itinerary in the Arabic Land of Dubai

Plan a 7 Day Itinerary in the Arabic Land of Dubai 1

Visiting UAE especially Dubai is a grand adventure. No matter if you have less time; a perfect itinerary can be well made for visitors on a holiday trip. This great 7 day tour will cover all famous tourist hotspots. However this is an ideal plan for a 7 day trip, however, modifications can always be done as per your requirement and convenience.

Day 1: Discover Shopping Malls

The very first day you can look for some budget or luxury accommodation and you can spend the afternoon by exploring the exquisite malls surrounding the area as Dubai is a hub of some biggest and luxury malls where you can shop till you drop.

Day 2: Exploring the fun at Safari

You can spend the morning time by exploring the emirate either on foot or by hiring a local transport. Look around your hotel and explore the city as much as you can. Moreover, you can even satisfy your shopping hunger. After lunch take a breathtaking ride into the dunes. Take pleasure in a great Arabic style dinner.

Day 3: Go Cruising!

Go on a water cruise exploring the great views of the city and countless views of beaches and mountains. This cruise ride will make your trip a memorable one.

Day 4: Head towards Sharjah which is the cultural capital of the Arab world. Here you will get to explore wide range of fascinating museums, monuments, art districts and a lot of other places that can be visited on a half day city tour. Spend the rest of the day by wandering around, looking around the city.

Day 5: It can be a day filled with all leisure activities, in order to get a feel of the luxury side of Dubai. Lot of activities can be done such as you can try skiing on the artificial snow created in a deserted area like Dubai. Backstreet shopping can be done, however, in the evening you can visit the most luxurious 7 star hotel, Burj Al Arab.

Day 6: No trip to the emirate is complete without visiting the neighboring Abu Dhabi as its 90 minutes away by car and is quiet easy to reach.

Day 7: Take advantage of special spa services in Dubai available and get pampered before heading home.

Explore Girls’ Guide To Dubai

Explore A Special Girls’ Guide To Dubai

Ever since the development of Dubai property sector, the emirate has turned into an ultra modern city with white grimy beaches, world class luxury hotels, restaurants and shopping. Explore this amazing and special itinerary planned for a girl to enjoy in Dubai.

Stay & Eat: Just three months ago, a marine-themed Atlantis resort got opened to public featuring plenty of aquariums, beaches and water slides. Moreover, other than staying, various immense restaurants are attracting lots of crowds all throughput the year. Try the Lime Tree Café at the Jumeirah Beach Road which is a hot favorite lunch hangout.

Must Do: A trip to the emirate is incomplete without a visit to the famous Burj Al Arab. This is the only luxury 7 star hotel in Dubai which is developed with extremely high standards of luxury and amenities. Driving the dunes is the greatest way to see the emirate as it’s surrounded by desert all over. The activity of desert safari will be quiet fun if dong for the first time.

Spa: This is the best thing in which a girl can indulge herself while traveling to this amazing destination. Get out to the city and book a luxury spa for yourself in order to rejuvenate you soul. The emirate offers an array of luxury spas.

Shopping: Dubai is well known for its shopping and because of the duty free environment, people all the more love to shop. Dubai Mall the newly opened is the biggest shopping centre in the world featuring endless shops and every brand.

Buy: if you have come to Dubai, then you have to buy gold from here as its said to be a must purchase from the emirate not especially because it’s cheap, however, because of its exceptional quality and designs. The Gold Souk is Deira is quiet famous for buying gold jewellery and is one of the most fabulous places of interest in Dubai.

Volcano Fountain in Abu Dhabi

Volcano Fountain in Abu Dhabi 2

There is something epic about the emirates of UAE. Every emirate has something special to offer to the tourists. That is why these emirates have started becoming hot spot tourist destinations. Abu Dhabi the biggest of the seven emirates and the capital of the UAE has something special to offer to travelers. Tourists visit Abu Dhabi in order to view some remarkable mosques and structures enlists several important sites. Abu Dhabi features one of most beautiful fountains in the world, Volcano Fountain. This fountain is one of the most well known tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi and during night it looks more impressive.

It is known as a volcano fountain as it has a conical shape of a volcano with hidden lights in it which colors the water orange. These lightning effects inside the fountain create an impression of a volcanic eruption. This is the reason why it’s known as a volcano fountain. The cascade is superb to watch and it’s surrounded by the Persian Gulf on one area and buildings on the other side.

Each evening many people gather around the area to watch this splendid attraction clicking photographs and all. Moreover, you will find an array of food stalls right there near the fountain which you can taste some mouthwatering snacks while staring at this beautiful attraction. You can also take some light refreshments if you want.

Complete information is given on this fountain in several UAE travel guides, therefore, making it one of the most attracted tourist destination in Abu Dhabi. Water features is the most important fact about this volcano fountain which is often ignored by the people.

5 Top Indian Restaurants in Dubai

5 Top Indian Restaurants in Dubai 2

Despite of the fact that Dubai is one of the emirates in the United Arab Emirates, Indian cuisine is loved by a larger population staying there, resulting in some top Indian restaurants serving good quality food. There are some great restaurants in Dubai. Here are some top Indian restaurants in Dubai:


This famous restaurant is an in-house restaurant of Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel and towers. Moreover, the place is quiet well known for its Indian cuisine. Gosht boti kebab, taimuri shorba and saffron rice are few dishes which one must surely try while dining at this restaurant. Moreover, this eating out place is not that inexpensive, however, the quality of the food, taste and service are immaculate.

5 Top Indian Restaurants in Dubai 1

Antique Bazaar

The restaurant is attached to Four Points by Sheraton Bur Dubai. As the name suggests the place must have some antique touch to the interior décor of the restaurant as the walls are decked out with the pictures of some famous Indian personas which are recommending the restaurant. All these personalities figured out here caters to Indian specialties. Unlike any other restaurant, Antique Bazaar is specialized in the preparation of Hyderabadi dishes at delivering a delectable taste at reasonable pricing.


You can enjoy eating out all the South Indian flavors at this restaurant in the Lotus Hotel. Masala Dosa, egg masala appam and koondal porichathu are among favorites. Mutton biryani and murg tikka masala is a dish for non vegetarians to try.


At this restaurant the tourists and the local residents can savor some Indian culinary food. It is ideally sited in the Bur Dubai region. Hydrebadi and Lucknowi curries are its forte along with an all time favorite dish, achari gosht.


This is quiet a high end restaurant in Grand Hyatt in Dubai. The delicacies served here offer you a really good taste and both vegetarian and non vegetarian options are available. The menu is filled with endless dishes, so why not feed your taste buds with something really good.

Bateaux – Floating Restaurant on Dubai Creek

Bateaux – Floating Restaurant on Dubai Creek

In order to look Dubai from a new perspective other than real estate and shopping, enjoy a beautiful romantic dinner aboard in a luxury cruise vessel, Bateaux Dubai sailing at a gentle pace on Dubai Creek. It’s been more than five years now the cruise has been travelling however, now it has become a pleasing and an attractive dining destination for the local residents of the emirate. Moreover, this is a must do excursion for all visitors traveling to Dubai for holiday or for business purposes. This luxury cruise combines cutting edge technology with sheer comfort along with hi-tech sound and air conditioning systems.

The Bateaux Cruise Dubai is specifically designed for the flat waters of the creek boasting of its luxurious floating restaurants which allow you to move freely on board. This two and a half hour cruise departs from Al Makhtoum Bridge and travels along the Creek. Several eco-friendly features are hosted ensuring a noise free cruise. As you crawl slowly down the creek the incredible 360 degree views of the twinkling lights of Deira and Bur Dubai will make you leave amazed. This cruise leaves an unforgettable experience on the people on board, by combining a gourmet a-la-carte menu, contemporary classic music and sightseeing. Other than this an excellent beverage selection makes the menu more interesting.

The dinner areas are all surrounded by glass to get an outside view and beautifully prepared gourmet dinner is served made under the best conditions. Moreover, this ultimate vessel is popularly known for its great dining experience and is equally renowned for its best cuisine. The cruise can be even hired for private functions. Moreover, it serves an ideal environment even for corporate functions or parties as the vessel is suited to all business needs. Special lunch cruises can be booked for any such special events as an extensive range of catering options is provided.

Savor the Best Food Courts in Dubai

Savor the Best Food Courts in Dubai 2

Anyone who has a minute understanding of the city or has been fortunate enough to visit must know that how the place well celebrates and bring in a wide range of cuisines in order to savvy both the residents and travelers. Although, there are undoubtedly great eateries in Dubai, there are few places which seem to have some of the bets chefs. Just like any other country or place, in Dubai you can delight in the flavors of some best food courts.

Fish Supper: This food stall is not linked to any major chain of restaurants or outlets, yet they offer you the best of food and services. It is there at Arabian Centre in a deserted food court. Here it’s expected that you would get some really best fish and chips. It is definitely one of the favorite food court finds.

Lemongrass Express: This restaurant is considered as one of the best Thai spots within Dubai, however, the specialty of Lemongrass Express is that it goes beyond some standard Thai curry options. It also offers some genuine and authentic eats. At this food outlet the diners coming here are guaranteed something unique and other than the standard food.

Extreme Freshies: It is a sports-style café serving healthy tramazzinis, sandwiches and gourmet grills. All these are washed with smoothies and juices and moreover, they also offer you a low cal menu. Extreme Freshies is a great alternative to those classic burger joints in every other mall.

Savor the Best Food Courts in Dubai 1

Nordsee: Nordsee is a German seafood chain at the food court of Dubai Mall featuring an overwhelming menu options. This food outlet allows you to choose from a wide range of healthy prawn options, or you can order a lobster. There are options even for burger fanatics as well as they go eat a delicious fried bremer sandwich.

These are some of the best food outlets serving you the best of Dubai dishes.

Dubai’s Annual Food Fest is Back with Signature Dishes

Dubai’s Annual Food Fest is Back with Signature Dishes 1

The foodies in Dubai are once again excited with the coming back of eating festival DubaiDubai’s annual food fest featuring signature dishes at bargain prices prepared by celeb chefs. Taste of Dubai is a must do for foodies and people travelling to the emirate for a holiday. At this festival, more than a dozen of some of the best restaurants in Dubai set up their stalls in order to provide best of their dishes. This foodie festival takes place at the famous Media City from March 17 to 20. Various celebrity chefs participate in this grand eating festival therefore; present their signature dishes in front of the public.

The Chefs

Vineet Bhatia:

Vineet Bhatia has won a Michelin Star and is the first Indian chef chosen for that. Bhatia is known to be one of the most innovative chefs in the field and inventor of the chocolate samosa.

Dubai’s Annual Food Fest is Back with Signature Dishes 2

Gary Rhodes:

Foodies who love British cuisine should have no reason in not recognizing Gary Rhodes with a spiky haircut. He is quiet famous for his ultimate bread and butter pudding and is the force behind the Rhodes Mezzanine restaurant.

Moreover, this event is widely considered a must attend for the localities and even for travelers as Richard Sandoval, Gary Rhodes, Vineet Bhatia and Uwe Micheel are going to host cookery demonstrations in the exclusive VIP lounge. The event has a full line up of various entertaining events taking place throughout the day. Whether it’s watching a sample preparation of some great mocktails or your favorite chef demonstrating their secrets in the Taste Chefs Theater, this annual food fest has a lot to offer.

Dubai’s dining is becoming the best in the world and here some of the top chefs from twenty of the emirates loved restaurants are participating in this grand food fiesta. As this food feast has been started, everyone those who love food are invited to celebrate this amazing event.

Culture Tips for Dubai Travelers

Culture Tips for Dubai Travelers 1

There is a lot of misleading and confusing information given when it comes to staying in Dubai and what all is culturally acceptable here and what not. This vibrant cosmopolitan city is housing over 100 nationalities and other than this every year millions of tourists flock to the emirate either on a holiday or for some business perspective. As we all known that Dubai is a Muslim country and their facts and beliefs are deeply rooted in Islam. Throughout the landscape you will find mosques and a melodious prayer will be heard five times in a day.

As it comes to culture tips to travelers, the emirate is quiet stringent in that. Here the official weekend is Friday; however some government or private companies are even closed on Saturdays. Although, there is no particular dress code for men and women, however, Muslim women from the Gulf States are supposed to cover themselves from head to toe. At beaches, swim wear is allowed, however, away from the beach men are said to avoid shorts or going shirtless, whereas women are to avoid minis and other revealing clothes.

Arabs are one of the most hospitable people in the world; however, you must follow some cultural tips while you are in their country. As per the Islamic tradition some Muslim men and women avoid shaking hands with the members of the opposite gender; however one should always wait for the other person to extend his or her hand in greeting first. Public displays of affection between the opposite sex is highly inacceptable in Dubai culture.

Culture Tips for Dubai Travelers 2

Moreover, special care is to be taken especially by tourists during the holy month of Ramadan. During this time even non-Muslims are expected not to drink, eat or smoke in public during daytime. One should always have a basic respect for the host country and their culture and that is what it is called for. Visitors need to be more culturally sensitive during this holy month, however, after breaking of the fast each day the city becomes lively and vibrant.

4 Most Romantic Hotels in Dubai

4 Most Romantic Hotels in Dubai 2

When you are out with your partner on a holiday trip or on a honeymoon most of the times you prefer to go at a place which is a little secluded so that you get to face minimum distraction. Dubai can give you all these things which you exactly want for the two of you. Travelling on your honeymoon in Dubai will take you entirely on a romantic leisure trip as this oasis in desert is considered as one of the most preferable honeymoon destinations.

You can spend a pleasant time in the tranquility of the emirate at some of the most romantic properties. The emirate is blessed with many luxury hotels ensuring comfort, safety and privacy. 5 most romantic hotels in Dubai are:

Bab Al Shams:

It is ideally located a short drive away from Dubai city centre and is one of the most exotic honeymoon hotels. The hotel features a gym, pool, Arabian themed lounge and spa which add a more romantic feel to the place. It is a suitable abode for honeymooners. Enjoy a candle light dinner too at the magical ambience of the resort.

Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa:

You can get your bookings done at the Al Maha Desert Resort offering a perfect romantic getaway for the newly married couples or for tat mater all romantic couples. It is sited in the suburbs of the city featuring a Bedouin camp creating a perfect theme of Arabian nights.

4 Most Romantic Hotels in Dubai 1

Ritz Carlton Hotel:

The hotel offers a luxury paradise for those who have come to spend some special time with their partners. Here couples can go for rejuvenating spas and massages and they can even get themselves arranged in several recreational activities such as golf, water sports etc.

Al Hamra Fort Hotel & Beach Resort:

Make your romantic holiday truly unforgettable by experiencing a luxury stay at the Al Hamra hotel crowned by a natural lagoon. The property is quiet big featuring 378 rooms. This hotel is inspired by tasteful exotic interiors with a genuine exotic atmosphere.

Dubai Apartments – A Better Alternative to Stay in Dubai

Dubai Apartments – A Better Alternative to Stay in Dubai 1

Dubai is a blended city with both contemporary and traditional features along with the timeless deserts and golden sandy beaches. This is a cosmopolitan city with a population of over 1 million with an added flavor of the Arabic world. It is one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations drawing attention to million of visitors from all across the globe. It is strategically situated at the centre of the hub therefore, featuring world class accommodation that you can avail individuality or there are accommodations that can even be availed on sharing basis.

A traveler can spend his vacation by staying at luxury Dubai apartments which are fully furnished including some of the best sea views even. Those who have come from business point of view can look for an accommodation primarily situated next to the business hubs in Dubai. Other than budget hotels in Dubai there are self catering beach villas and apartments offering the best of facilities along with free speedy internet connection, 24/7 surveillance, sauna, gymnasium, sauna and covered car park etc.

Dubai Apartments – A Better Alternative to Stay in Dubai 2

For those who frequently travel to this ultimate tourist destination for holiday or for business, renting an apartment is a better alternative rather than spending money. Moreover, every year thousands of tourists travel for work and for holiday. As said earlier, those who are coming to the emirate city at frequent intervals can even share an apartment which again proves to be a more fruitful option other than anything else. Moreover, to find a sharing accommodation in the city is not at all a daunting task, you can get one quiet easily. These apartments are available for working professionals, students, families and working women etc. You get to see the advertisements for renting or sharing apartments at various Dubai real estate sites and portals.

Therefore, if you wish to live a lifestyle according to your own wish, get yourself free from the hotels and live your own way at a luxury, fully furnished apartment.

Best Outdoor Bars in Dubai

Best Outdoor Bars in Dubai (Bidi Bondi)

Dubai is a great tourism destination and has some of the best places to hangout. If you really want to enjoy Dubai nightlife and the best of the emirates weather here are some of the amazing places for al fresco drinking in Dubai. Dubai’s nightlife is quiet well known and on top of it the outdoor bars and restaurants in Dubai make the place more happening. Here are few best outdoor bars which are a must visit for a tourist.

Bidi Bondi: Outdoor pools are a laid back thing now in the city, a fresh trend of basking in the winter sun has started while taking your shot. The great view of the palm beaches gets you closer to the city and it’s as close to the Palm property as if you own that. Bidi Bondi creates a family atmosphere splurged with international dishes and drinks.

Belgian Beer Café: This pleasingly stylish rooftop area is lavishly lit and the actual space of the café is really amazing, however, the views are not that great.

Best Outdoor Bars in Dubai (Aquara)

Aquara: This ultimate restaurant pleases the guest with its amazing ambience and the music impact on the setting makes it truly wonderful. It is located at the Yacht Club and is the latest addition in the chain of trendy restaurants where you can enjoy an alluring sea food menu and the views of the Marina waterways look really amazing.

Barzar: Barzar is a quiet a famous and an amazing waterside terrace overlooking the centre of the Madinat complex. The comfy leather sofas make the seating a comfortable one; however, it’s not a lazy bar at all because you have to serve a beer for yourself from the tap which is the best way to beat the scorching heat of Dubai. Moreover, if you have a beer dispenser at your service, then nothing like it.

Other than these there are several other places where you can enjoy the best of drinks, food and of course the view within the city.

Dubai Fashion Week Marked for April

Dubai Fashion Week Marked for April

Dubai and fashion go hand in hand and when we talk of this emirate, fashion and shopping festival in Dubai are likely to be talked about. Dubai Fashion Week brings is an amazing event that brings together all the major fashion conscious people in the world. Fashion industry’s top models, designers and bureaucrats participate in such fashion events especially in Dubai Fashion Week which is about to start on April 3, 2010 and goes on till 7th April. The week enables all regional and local designers to flaunt their collection in front of global buyers.

This fashion week is organized and owned by Concept Events which is a member of Concept Group of companies. This spectacular fashion extravaganza is expected to exhibit the Autumn Winter 2010 collections by more than 45 designers. DFW is now running its 5th season and the fashion industry is once again buzzing as its shows the kind of talent they have in Middle East.

The interest and awareness of this event is growing day by day as fashion is an integral part of Dubai. It has become the region’s flagship fashion trade event that focuses fashion professionals, retail buyers and other people associated with fashion industry. The seventh edition of this grand fashion event is going to held at the Godolphin Ballroom at Jumeirah Emirates Towers.

The venue includes a collection show area, exhibition stand displaying the latest collection, a Media Centre, VIP Hospitality Lounge and last but not the least a Sponsor zone. The event also acts as business opportunities and interaction between fashion designers, retail buyers and fashion media as well. There is a buyer’s lounge which is a point of contact for both designers as well as for buyers so that they can develop their business relations. DFW will be adding glamour to the cutting fashion edge, so those interested in getting a feel can come and join the event.

Dubai Marina Area Guide for Travelers

Dubai Marina Area Guide for Travelers

Dubai Marina is the largest man made marina in the world constructed by Emaar which was the first development that consisted luxury residential towers each comprising of a unique design. Moreover, a luxury lifestyle has been embedded into the emirate for which the initial credit goes to this most sought after community of Dubai Marina. The status and rewards of the waterfront living has made the place exclusive for not only residents but even for tourists. The article shows you a complete Dubai Marina guide that includes the luxury hotels to stay in, restaurants to east at and last but not the least bars to hang out.

Dubai Marina Hotels:

This is entirely a man made project featuring the best property sector comprising of villas, apartments for sale and hotels. There are varieties of luxury hotels in Dubai, however the focus is on a Mall a major position of which is a 5 star hotel, The Address. These Marina hotels not only cater to visitors both corporate and leisure, but also service business personnel’s from other countries. Several other classy hotels include Ritz Carlton, Grosvenor House Dubai etc.

Stylish Dubai Restaurants in Dubai Marina:

In this community within the emirate, you will find several restaurants to savor your taste buds serving delicious national and international cuisines. Here is a list of some classy restaurants:

· Indego serving Indian dining with European influence

· Ossigeno serves the guests with a good Italian taste

· Rive Gauche is a French brasserie adopting a modern approach at Dubai Marina

Nightout Bars:

These nightclubs and bars are quiet popular within the emirate, as people especially tourists those who have come for a holiday would love to enjoy a glass of wine or beer in that relaxing environment and Dubai bars are the best options for that. The Underground Pub, Studio One, Blends and Buddha Bar are some of the best bars in Dubai Marina area.

Dubai Travel Services Become One Stop Destination for Travelers

Dubai Travel Services Become One Stop Destination for Travelers UAE as we all known is he most stable and secure countries in the world and Dubai is known to be the commercial and tourist hub of the country. This is an ideal destination for a tourist and a business traveler. Recently, the emirate has made it all the more convenient for travelers to come to Dubai for enjoyment, fun and even for business by gathering all the travel services under one roof. Tourists always include the emirate among their favorite travel destinations and tourism has greatly increased as people would really want to visit the world class infrastructures and get themselves indulge in world class shopping extravaganzas.

Other than heavy sightseeing and a luxury stay at the five star Dubai hotels, the deserts and safaris claim to be an equal share of fame at the emirate. As tourists coming to this travel destination would never want to miss out on any fun, there are Dubai travel services that have made it much easier for travelers. It now provides all travel requirements under one roof as the tour companies are seeking to provide special tour packages, city and shopping tours, golf tours and tours to other emirates as well.

Moreover, there are such kinds of travel services which also take up visa related queries and process your visa requirements. Sponsoring visas is a good enough practice followed by certain companies which are valid for at least a month’s stay. The safari tour operators have also started developing their network and they make car rental in the emirate possible.

Furthermore, the hassle of going and get your desert safari booked at the office is getting cut off as with the emergence of SSL certified payment systems these desert safaris, overnight safaris can all be booked online. All this is to ensure a hassle free trip for all tourists.

Arabic Cuisines – A Local Delight for Travelers

Arabic Cuisines – A Local Delight for Travelers  1 Being a cosmopolitan city the emirate has a mix of traditions, cultures, people and lifestyles. It is considered as one of the most popular and hottest tourist destinations across the globe and therefore caters to a mix bag of tourists throughout all seasons. Travelers are served with the best hospitality featuring delicious Arabic cuisines and Dubai food. The emirate will surely not disappoint foodies as there are few special food items served here and these are a must try for every tourist.

Arabic is the main cuisine within the emirate and since expatriates come here for various regions of the world, there are many different types of restaurants in Dubai in order to cater this huge demand. Few Arabic dishes which are a must try are:

Arabic Cuisines – A Local Delight for Travelers  2 Falafel:
This is the Arabic French fry which looks like a cutlet made of mixing chickpeas and spices and at last its deep fried and served. The local cuisine in the emirate is indeed the best from the Arabic world. Freshly baked Arabic bread in clay ovens served with curries is also among the popular part of the rich Arabic cuisine.

The festive delicacies prepared during Ramadan and around other holy months like wedding, Eid etc have their own charm.

This popular Arabic cuisine is made either from lamb or chicken and generally other ingredients remain same mixing tomatoes, garlic, fries and other sauces. The mixture is then wrapped in a small Arabic chapatti. The taste of Shawarma differs from one restaurant to another and is just like a kebab. It is one of the most famous foods within the emirate.

Apart from these specialty dishes, the regular dishes of Dubai include:

· Hareis – Rich delicacy of slow cooked wheat and lamb

· Matchbous – The dish is prepared with special lamb and rice

· Mehalabiya – A type of pudding speckled with pistachios and rose water

These cuisines are some of the hot favorites of local residents, however, it is a must try for every tourist coming to the emirate.

Dubai Spas: The City’s Finest Pampering Hotspots

Dubai Spas The City’s Finest Pampering Hotspots

The emirate has become a renowned playground for all rich and famous offering every conceivable luxury activities. Dubai is now quiet well known as a spa centric city which is even hotter than a hot stone massage. Here we are not talking only about the climate but also how to keep you fresh and rejuvenated in this arid climatic condition. One of the best ways to keep up the spirits even in the scorching summer season is a pampering treatment, spa at some of the best hotels and wellness centers in Dubai.

Some of the great and well featured spas in Dubai are:

Angsana Spa:

This urban spa is an idyllic retreat in the Emirates Hills featuring exclusive tropical experiences. The spa has 14 single treatment rooms along with 6 double therapy suites backed up by other facilities such as Jacuzzi bath etc. It is separated equally into Men’s and Ladies quarters. Azure swimming pool, sauna and a gymnasium is available for spa members. The waiting lounge is designed with a soothing décor in order to ease you into a relaxing state.


Raffles Amrita spa is an exclusive one and offers plenty of luxury services and is known as a haven for relaxation. There are 6 private suites, a private garden sanctuary and a VIP suite. The spa is fully equipped with separate male and female saunas, steam rooms, locker areas, whirpool showers along with a swimming pool.

Talise Spa:

Talise is again the most revered spa at Madinat Jumeirah featuring a grand portfolio of global healing traditions. Be it meditation, yoga, massage, nutrition guidance or a precise ancient remedy, this spa has it all and you get everything by focusing on what you need the most.

The Grand Spa:

This spa at Grand Hyatt comprises of all leisure and exclusive facilities with six treatment rooms, hi-tech gymnasium, squash courts, indoor lap pool and separate relaxation areas. Moreover, they use best quality products and a theme is set complementing the spa’s interior.


Trendiest Departmental Stores in Dubai

Trendiest Departmental Stores in Dubai

Dubai is one of the amazing cities located in the eastern Arabian Peninsula in the United Arab Emirates. The emirate attracts thousands of tourists every year from across different regions due to its economic development which is mainly attributed to the boom of oil and natural gas industry. This globally renowned city has come up with some magnificent architecture that has given Dubai real estate industry a new name. It not only includes residential and commercial property, however it also includes some incredible shopping malls in Dubai and trendiest departmental stores.

From a tourist’s point of view, a holiday or a leisure trip to Dubai is incomplete without shopping as it is immensely enjoyed by tourists coming in. The emirate features several departmental stores attracting huge number of visitors.


It is one of the few shopping malls sited near Jumeirah Beach Road. It houses one of the most popular departmental stores in the emirate where tourists can reach out for cosmetics, electronic goods, apparels, food products etc. This Renaissance style shopping mall is well themed featuring great architectural brilliance. Moreover, it is known as a true shopper’s paradise. The multiplex housed in this mall draws large number of visitors on a regular basis.

Al Reef Mall:

This incredible shopping plaza features extensive range of goods in its departmental store. It has come up with this unique concept of popular departmental stores in the emirate that takes part in Dubai shopping festival. Moreover, it has rapidly become a popular place to go for local residents as well as for shopping travelers.

Bur Jurman Centre:

This unique shopping centre is one of the best shopping malls in Dubai which is ideally sited on the trade centre road and it houses some of the best featured departmental stores in the emirate. The departmental store features world class brands including Ralph Lauren etc. The store also features exclusive range of watches, jewellery and garments.

Relish The Flavor of NYC’s Best Food Outlets Now in Dubai

Dubai is a great destination in terms of tourism and people from all across the globe travel to this place. It’s not only about things to do, sightseeing and shopping in the emirate, however, eating and food is quite an important part for both local residents and tourists coming to the place for leisure or work. The emirate has started trying something other than the traditional Arabic food in Dubai. New York City is quiet well known for some of its best food outlets and now if you want to feed your taste buds with that great food, you need not go to NYC as Dubai has been importing some of these best food outlets ranging from chicken to chocolate.

Magnolia Bakery

This NYC shop has boasted a long queue in front of the bakery and it lives up on the reputation that it has gained since years. It has now opened in Dubai Mall which focuses on cupcakes. This brand has recently got opened in the emirate and is well managed by Al Tayer Group, a Dubai based luxury business operator. It specializes in icebox cakes, banana pudding and red velvet cakes.

Bon Chon Chicken

This South Korean fried chicken joint is an established star in NY City that has now traveled all the way to Dubai for capturing the attention of the local people and travelers coming to UAE. Its first Middle Eastern branch has been launched in Bur Dubai on Trade Centre Road which specializes in chicken wings.


The flagship restaurant of this international chain is in New York City and now its time to savor the delights of this amazing food joint in Dubai as well. It is considered as one of the best restaurants in the emirate. Those who seek delicious contemporary reinventions of a traditional Japanese cuisine have come to the right place.

Alison Nelson’s Chocolate Bar

For those who don’t know Alison Nelson is NY’s best chocolate bar that has now come to the emirate as a start. The Dubai branch is housed in Souk Al Bahar and it specializes in the artsy choc bars with funky flavors.

Beat the Heat with Some of these Chilled Delicacies This Season in Dubai

fdnow0601a People especially tourists travelling to Dubai for holiday has always talked about Dubai food and Arabic cuisines, however, this season, milk shakes are much talked about in the emirate. You can now beat the heat with some of these chilled delicacies. Here are some of the milk shake joints which are the most popular in Dubai.

Propah Tea:

As the name suggests, this place in the emirate is primarily a tea shop, however, it also offers some delightful milkshakes, out of which the mango is the all time favorite. The chunks of fresh fruit run through it making it rich with cream.

More Café:

People who adore fruity flavors, like to come to this milk shake joint. Moreover, the shakes prepared here are quite simple as you just have to grab a scoop of your favorite ice cream and blend it with milk and ice.

Johnny Rockets:

The portion size of the milk shake served here can easily satisfy two or even three customers; therefore, they get additional points for the portion size of their milk shakes. These are the kind of thick shakes which tastes like Maltesers and are served extremely chilled.


More places in the emirate don’t serve date milkshakes, however, those who really love this, Carluccio’s is the place for him. The defender of Italian cooking serves this amazing version of milk shake with pieces of date, and moreover, it’s not too sweet. In order to have this chilled treat, visit The Dubai Mall.

Shakespeare & Co.:

This small café chain serves variety of flavors under the influence of a lovely atmosphere. Just think of the flavors and it will be served here. Be it strawberry, coffee, honey-banana, cookies etc, the place serves the entire variety. The Vintage Mall is the best place to relish your taste buds with all these flavors

Top 5 Best Cinemas in Dubai

Top 5 Best Cinemas in Dubai Dubai has several sources of entertainment, however cinema is the most vital and popular source of entertainment available to masses in the emirate. As the weather heats up, people rush to find place in cinema halls in the emirate, for an air conditioned entertainment. Here are some of the best cinema venues in Dubai which are worth visiting.

The Picture House at Reel Cinemas, Dubai Mall:
This cinema hall in Dubai is the first one to have the mainstream arthouse cinema screen. You can catch the most amazing flicks here that rarely make into the city cinema. If we talk about the recent screenings it included BAFTA winning Brit Indie Moon and an Iranian documentary, No One Knows About Persian Cats.

Grand Metroplex:
This gem for a great cinematic experience is at the Metropolitan Hotel features small screening rooms facilitated with extra comfortable seating arrangement along with a lavish snack serving arrangement. After watching the movie, experience the ambience of an in-house Shisha café and argue about the movie by dropping in.

IMAX at Ibn Battuta:
This is the only IMAX in Dubai at the Ibn Battuta mall and is the right place to see the latest blockbuster flicks. This screen is the biggest in the city therefore, the best place to enjoy action and other romantic flicks. Moreover, its close proximity to the audience makes it an enjoyable place for that intense experience.

Gold Class:
As the name suggests, this cinema in Dubai provides a luxurious experience. The cushy leather recliners other than the standard theater seats, the staff taking your order and providing you blankets makes it an entirely different experience for movie buffs. Cinema lovers would surely love watching a movie here with all the comfort provided.

Extreme Screen at Mirdif City Centre:
This new beast in the cinema industry is 66ft wide and comes with 3D movies. These cinemas will really change your cinema watching experience till now.

Try Out These Indoor Fun Options in Dubai

Try Out These Indoor Fun Options in Dubai While on a holiday trip to Dubai, if looking for an escape from the sweltering heat in the emirate, there are several indoor options to try. Here are some of the outdoor activities picked up for tourists and even for local residents.

Fun on Wheels:

The first ever rolled rink in UAE is calling you at the Ibn Battuta Mall and tests your skills at around a series of themed nights including games, competitions medley of music and a lot more.

Mission Possible:

The indoor Laserdrome is an ideal place at Dubai Autodrome for those who want to try their hands on being a secret agent. It can be played in a group of 10 players in one team. Variety of tactical games can be chosen and the player will be equipped with a body pad and a laser gun. A team color and a hero’s name will be given to you. This is quiet an amazing activity to be involved in especially for youngsters.

Day at the Museum:

You can learn more about the country by touring the Dubai museums. Here are some special museums that are worth visiting to know more about historical Dubai.

· The Umm al Quwain museum gives an insight to the history

· To trace the political history of the rulers in Abu Dhabi visit, Qasr Al Hosn museum

· The Dubai Museum located in Bur Dubai

Cruise Calling:

Explore the emirate from a different angle by cruising with Bateaux Dubai which is a glass cased boat which will take you along to explore Dubai Creek entertaining you with live music and gourmet meals.

The Fast & the Furious:

Those who want to ride high without sweating can come at the indoor go carting venue at Dubai Autodrome which is a professional designed great fun area. The go carting experience here cannot be easily forgotten.

Enjoy 10 of the Best Ladies Nightout in Dubai

Enjoy 10 of the Best Ladies Nightout in Dubai

Ladies Night Out are as much a part of life in the emirate as in any other destination. As a holiday traveler you would love to explore and try out new things. Nightlife in Dubai is quiet fascinating especially for travelers coming from far off destinations foe holidaying. Here are some shortlisted venues best for ladies nightout.

Icon Bar:
This exclusive bar offers not only an enjoyable ladies night, but a ladies boogie night especially on a Tuesday. Free drinks along with the DJ Anon are just a perfect combination. Generally media city based ladies are a part of the nightout at the Icon Bar and is a great place to try out.

Jimmy Dix:
With hundred of nightclubs, Jimmy Dix is the one that guarantees a superb fun and handful of joy. Free flowing drinks and the music make it a perfect environment for ladies to join in and as far as music is concerned, it is focused on female centric fun. You can be overjoyed by attending an entertaining evening.

This is a new club at the basement of the Dhow Palace which is a 5 Star Hotel in Bur Dubai. The club is very well planned and Ruby Tuesday is a very own ladies night out place. It is the best place choosed to socialize with friends and partners.

This is the place that can be tried by people those who are under a budget pressure. The place is always busy as free drinks are served for ladies. The place is worth a visit if you want to catch up a corner to hang out with a young group of girls while ignoring the crowd.

Savage Garden:
It is the first Latin American restaurant and night club in the emirate. Free cocktails are offered on a Tuesday night which makes the place all the more attractive.

Chilling Places in Dubai to Hangout This Summer Season

Chilling Places in Dubai to Hangout This Summer Season Dubai as we all know is a hot deserted area and during summers especially the place is boiling hot, however since it’s a hotspot tourist destination you can’t escape the fun here in Dubai. If you are coming to the emirate during this hot summer season, here are some really chilly spots in Dubai that are worth visiting.

Ski Dubai:

This chilled out destination within the emirate proves to be a winner among those who really in search for downhill action. The interior of Ski Dubai is really impressive as it’s the first indoor ski resort in Middle East area. It offers amazing snow setting and is an ultimate attraction especially for tourists and it gives you a feel enjoys real snow in the emirate all year round. If you are an absolute beginner you will be served with an excellent team of instructors and professional skiers.

Chill Out:

This is the only ice bar in Dubai, however its not fun to eat there at a temperature of minus six degrees, but no matter what the place is worth visiting once. Imagine such an ice bar in a deserted and a hot place like Dubai. The interior décor of the bar is really remarkable with ice sculptures of Burj Al Arab and of other famous Dubai landmarks. It looks like an amazing trendy bar. Don’t go in your club wear as the temperature makes the place quite chilling, thick jackets and gloves are provided.

Dubai Ice Rink:

The Olympic sized skating rink provides an amazing opportunity to hand around at this chilly destination in the emirate. This is an ultimate chill out venue in the city and a premium indoor skating venue. As far as the climate is concerned, it is being made as per the comfort level of individuals and can be controlled from time to time.

These three chilling places serve as year round family attractions.

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