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Friday, October 7, 2011

Challenge of the Tromboners

I've just told you about the medieval town of Cava dei Tirreni in province of Salerno not too far from Naples. The central and the most antique part of it, Borgo, has very interesting look, storically created by the mercants and their shops with the porticos.

Cava dei Tirreni

Cava dei Tirreni

The town organizes different medieval manifestations during the year and the most believed is the "Challenge of the Tromboners" that had just the 37 edition. Here is one of part of the feast that I liked more than others. Hope, they won the contest the day after I coud not visit.

Italian Feast "Sagra"

If you plan to visit Italy, you probably want to taste local foods and to partecipate on local feasts and life. So, you have to look for announcements that you can see normally on the walls, on the poles and in special places that tell about the "Sagra". You can have them all year round. When residents of this or that village need money for their projects, they organize Sagras.

We have a period of mushrooms now and different villages offer sagras where they offer home made food with mushrooms. I do not eat mushrooms normally, but once a year I like to taste them, so we visited one of the sagras this Sunday, and I took photos for you.

All the sagras I ever visited in the time I live in Italy have the same "plan": you receive the menu, choose what you want to eat, pay it

Праздник Грибов Torchiati, Montoro Superiore

Than you take your dishes in the other stall

Праздник Грибов Torchiati, Montoro Superiore

...and choose the place where you want to eat them.

Праздник Грибов Torchiati, Montoro Superiore

It looks like this

Праздник Грибов Torchiati, Montoro Superiore

all the receipes were with porcinis this time

Residents of this village needed money for the pilgrimage to Lourdes.
What is good in these kind of feasts is that you can taste real local cuisine and pay 2-3 times less than you would pay in a restaurant in the same zone or village. We paid euro 10 for all what you see on the tray. And it was possible to buy a glass of local wine for 0,50 euro.

Sochi is in Russia

I have a day of nostalgy today. I think about my mother, about my country, about my happy young past days.

My mother lives in Sochi today. You could hear this name maybe. It's a costal city with subtropical climate in Russia. And my mother is there. She has 70 years this year. And I have seen her 3 years ago last time... I'm nostalgic and sad. There is not job here, in Italy, and I can't visit my mother because I have not job. So, I can only look at this photos.

noi 169.jpg

noi 207.jpg

noi 119.jpg

noi 258.jpg

Some Views of Russia...

Russia... You look in the morning from your tent and think if you have just to wash yourself... But somebody prepared just coffee on the fire and it's smell pulls you out... You make some exercises to extend your members ...and the day begins. Other infinite spaces wait for you here.

река Уфа в тумане

Александовская сопка под дождем
  река Уфа

Montecassino is a White Stone Miracle

Finally, we visited Montecassino, the place where the founder of the Benedictine Rule passed many years and created his monastery (Montecassino and Salerno Main Churches are Twins ). All the buildings were destroyed during the World War II but the love to the Saint is so great that all the monastery was created according to the numerous pictures and stories about it's origins.

The place is simply astonishing. It's unpossible to tell or explain. There is a feeling that you join something ... very special. Maybe it's a "place of power"? They say, the old churches, other places where people pray for centuries become marvelous. This monastery was founded in 529, so it has about 1500 years of very anguished history...


Canada of my Dreams

I never was in Canada. But I read so much about it's nature. And I wrote abut it many times, too. it's possible that I lived in a similar place in one of my previous lives -how can I explain this unusual love that I feel for the northern parts of this Earth? :-)

 Sometimes I read the question when is the best time to visit New England and Canada -it's because the not very numerous rooms for tourists (specially the best) are sold about a year before the season. But there are always free rooms in Spring and Autumn. The "aborigens" say, that spring and autumn are more interesting for those who loves nature. It's because there are not only incredible colors in this period but you can see many animals grazing in the open spaces.

Here are some images I found about Canada in the web.

Национальный парк Джаспер,остров Спирит

Zoo safari of Fasano, Italy

Zoosafari of Fasano in Apulia waws the dream of my husband for years. But there was always a reason to set aside the travel. Last Monday, he has a day free and decided that we have to go there, finally. He says, we are not so young more, the life passes dedicated to the job and to duties only. And the dreams leave aside. So, he decided to fulfil his dreams.

It was a splendid experience, I have to say you. We saw persons that love animals. Than, there were many interesting scenes. I can't show you everything, it's clear but I want to share the feeling we had there.

We met a tiger for the entrance...

По Улице Водили Тигра. Почти 2 месяцев от роду

He was about 2 months old and loved his adoptive "mum" very much (he was week when he was born and his real mum did not want him). We were in the cage of the lions and of the tigers

В Клетках Хищников

We have seen many big herbivorous that were not so big as I thought watching them in TV.

Я Думала Они Больших Размеров... Я Думала Они Больших Размеров...

Only some of them were so as I imagined them

Я Думала Они Больших Размеров... Воспитанные и Невоспитанные

The main part of Zoosafary was great experience that we loved very much.


Autumn in Russia

Autumn is the best time of the year. I love it everywhere, in any place of the world. Sometimes they say that autumn is sad or cold. But it's not so.

We spoke about autumn in Alaska with some friends some days ago. You know that I sell cruises and they told me that the best time to go in Alaska is summer. But if you like nature -and the cruise in Alaska is the time dedicated to the nature first of all- you HAVE to see Alaska in autumn. Not only for incredible colors that you can't see in an other places or seasons. There are many animals visible in this period because they graze in the open places.

Well, you can't maybe see all those animals if you visit Russia. They do not feel so free there. But the nature is very beautiful there, too. Here are some photos my friends took these days. I'm sure you will feel the calm, the silence, the infinity. Unfortunatelly, you can't feel the smels of the autumn... Imagine them.

вид с холмов города Владимира


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